New Day Rising

There are times when blogging non-anonymous has its’ advantages. One can wear their heart on their sleeve and those that truly know you are non-the-wiser. You can celebrate your victories and your setbacks (not defeats, mind you, simply setbacks), post them, and them get on with your day. There have been plenty-o-posts of mine that are, in fact, very personal and what I have written on this blog is exactly what I would have written in a journal that only I would have seen. Of course, there is a name attached to it and because of that I don’t always post every little thing that happens to me or what I think about certain topics.

Then there are time times, like this one, when a post is simply esoteric. Without knowing exactly what I’m writing about, the reader simply either spends another minute finishing up the post or simply moves on to something more interesting. I find recently that Hashem has been very good to me. By this, I mean, that I have been zoche to see how certain things have worked out to my benefit. When this happens, I take a minute or two and engage in some hisbodedus, attempting to show my Hakoras HaTov to Hashem.

When these things transpire it feels like a New Day Rising and I am pretty uplifted. The knowledge that Hashem is working things out for me, is both comforting and humbling. Such an incident occurred during a casual conversation I had over the weekend. I was speaking with someone and found out some good news about a few people I was close with during a chapter of my life that has been closed for some time now. I will end with this:

If you are involved on a communal level in the Jewish community, if you are in chinuch, if you find yourself being used as a klei to bring others close to Hashem (my fancy term for those in kiruv), if you daven for your kids to be Yirei Shamayim, if you say Tehillim for someone who is ill, just know that every effort you make, every minute spent putting someone’s needs above yours, counts. Sometime we never see it and other times Hashem shines the proverbial MagLite.

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