HaTinok ben Aviva update

I just received the following email (as part of a group list):

B’H Tinok ben Aviva is getting much stronger. It is surely due to all of your tefillos that he has come as far as he has in the last two weeks, and as he has a ways to go, please, please, please keep up the davening!

Meanwhile, he is kicking away, doing some good stretching with his arms, and breathing on his own. While he is still intubated, the tube is not hooked up to any machinery–the little tzaddikel is holding his own. He is putting on weight and his color is great.

He’s a very special addition to Klal Yisroel who have all joined together in our tefillos for a refuah shlaimah for tinok ben Aviva, aka the little tzaddikel.

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