We have a winner…

…Shaya Goldmeirer, reader, commenter, Yekke, and all around great guy won a copy of Meoros HaShabbos. Yashar Koach and may it enhance his Shabbos.
To find out more about this sefer, click here.
I’ve been looking through it and ‘catching up’ on previous parshios. It is amazing. Not only is it very clear and concise, but the stories added in for each parsha are great. It’s not too big to have at the Shabbos table, and the pages are printed on a high-quality glossy paper! I’m looking forward to buying volume 2 when it comes out.

4 thoughts on “We have a winner…

  1. the sheep's wife

    Shabaton being held in the Sheep’s new neighborhood. Big one. In NY? Wish to join? Contact the Sheep. I’m thinking not such good coffee, but some familiar faces. Rabbi Z and fam and others.


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