24 years ago this Shabbos Chanuka…

…I had my Bar Mitzvah. A few thoughts come to mind:
  • I used a manual typewriter for my speech
  • When I spoke about this Haftorah and the importance of dedicating oneself to religion I would have never thought that 3.5 years later I would take steps towards a Torah observant lifestyle
  • Brown isn’t my color
  • I rocked the Run DMC glasses before Run DMC
  • The DJ played “Mr. Roboto” and “Rock the Casbah”
  • I had a lot of family come in from out of town
  • A Bar Mitzvah kiddush meant good cake and not Tam Tams
  • When you are 13, Musaf seem to take forever from the Bimah
  • That day after shul I went home and played my Atari 5200, this week after shul I’ll learn Chumash with my son

11 thoughts on “24 years ago this Shabbos Chanuka…

  1. The Zionist Conspiracy

    One Question, One Point:

    Why are you lighting the Menorah with a Havdalah candle?

    True, brown is not your color.

  2. the sheep's wife

    Hmmm. The sheepherder also had his Bar Mitzvah on Shabbos Chanukah. Also, very big glasses. No, Atari, though. Happy B-Day.


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