Learning Mishnayos: A request

I am not one to make requests too often. In fact, I usually feel rather uncomfortable asking people for favors or help. This request, though, really isn’t for myself. Five months ago my children lost their Bubbie and last week they lost their Zaide. It has been a difficult time for my wife’s family. We are asking, if anyone is able, for people to learn L’zecher Nishmas for:
Rivka Bas Chaim Yosef and also for Dan Ben Aharon. Both of them were not only survivors of the Holocaust, but were zoche to see six wonderful grandchildren come into this world. They both were involved in helping a major force in Torah Judaism get its start in Long Island, and above all else, schepped nachas from all that their children and grandchildren did.

Again, if you can, please click on either of the links below to sign up to learn. Of course, you are not require to give out our real name.
Thank you.

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