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It’s bad new for the Jews in Uman.

Rabbi Lazer Brody has the full story on what is going on with the corrupt Ukranian government officials that is threatening Jewish ownership and control of the Shul and area by Rebbe Nachman’s kever in the Ukraine. You must read this and then please, contact your Senators, congressman, and the President to ask them to please intervene with the Ukranian government to save Uman!

Regardless of where you live, you can contact them at the following links.

Use THIS LINK to find and contact your Congressman in the House of Representatives.

And CLICK HERE to e-mail or call your Senator about this.

And CLICK HERE to e-mail, call or write the President of the U.S. to ask him to intervene in this scandalous matter with the Ukranian government.

UPDATE: Here are the specific names that you should either contact or ask your representatives to contact. This is from R’ Akiva at

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States:Dr. Oleh SHAMSHUR,
“Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary”Mr. Olexandr ALEKSANDROVYCH,
Embassy Minister-Counselor on Economic, Cultural, and Informational issues.Dr. Olexandr SCHERBA, Embassy Political Department – Counselor to Congress & Jewish organizations.Contact info: Ukrainian Embassy to the United States -tel:1-202-333-0606, fax:1-202-333-0817

For more info read this.

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