Thinking outside the Aron

In his newest article, Rabbi Horowitz updates readers about what has been happening on Motzei Shabbos in Upstate NY since his previous article was written.

Most impressive are various ideas that were implemented to create more structured settings for teens and young adults. It was real “thinking outside the Aron”.

Rabbi Howowitz makes the following point, “…we should resist the seductive route of merely ‘banning’ places and activities for our growing teen population. It is entirely appropriate to declare certain areas off limits for our children. But if we do not create healthy, safe, and enjoyable venues for our children, we are deluding ourselves into thinking that we have solved the problems and are setting the stage for far greater challenges later on.”

I know even with my own kids, I sometime set unrealistic limits and ‘house rules’ only to see this just motivate certain Uberkids to go the opposite direction. Kids need choices, even at home.

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