The dreaded eight things about me tag

I was tagged, like eons ago. I often get tagged. I usually don’t play these games. The truth is I have several post that I’ve written that are pretty serious and might or might not get posted in the future. This meme seemed like the calm before the storm.

Eight things about me…

1. I love BBQ beef sanwiches
2. I can make sushi
3. In junior high and high school I sang in the school choir
4. The first 45 single my parents ever got me was “Hey Jude” (I had heard the song in the car when I was, like, 5 or 6 yrs old) with “Revolution” as the B side. I was blown away
5. I have composed a niggun, that to this day, I only sing with my Uberkids
6. I was born in Dallas, Tx and lived there for about 3 years
7. Prior to my current job, I detested powdered coffee creamer. I have grown to actually like it and now miss it when it’s not available

8. I’m really not a big fan of memes based on the fact that the last one I did only proved to me that most readers really don’t care about the personal details of my life. That being said, I am not ‘passing this meme’ to anyone. If you do feel like being ‘tagged’ than go ahead.

The above items don’t really tell anything about me (5 and 7 reveal a bit), therefore I will add the following annotations to the above eight listed items.

1. This is one of those foods that I’ve always loved.. It tastes just as good regardless of one’s level of kashrus observance
2. I haven’t rolled any sushi since we moved to a city where it can be bought
3. While I never had an outstanding voice, going from 5 hours of instructional singing to maybe 20 minutes a week of singing in yeshiva (zemiros) never really helped me or my vocal cords
4. It was a total surprise to come home from school and hear the record playing in my living room. It was one of the most memorable moments in my childhood
5. The niggun came to me in 1997 and it’s been stuck in my head since then. It goes great with the words, “Kol haolam Kulo”
6. I grew up in Kansas

7. This topic is among those to be included in the future as “rejected blog topics”
8. I am often perplexed as to why anyone would read this blog. What is even more perplexing is that even though I get emails from readers asking me questions, rarely are the questions of a personal nature…thus my belief that people really are more concerned with content vs. who is behind the content

11 thoughts on “The dreaded eight things about me tag

  1. Heidi

    I like to know more about whom I trust my children with… Now that I know your relationship with coffee creamer, I may have to rethink this whole carpool situation.

    Your blog is fun. It’s heavy enough to not be dumb, but light enough to read even when overtired. Some blogs are too dumb to read and some require too much thought. You have found a healthy medium.

  2. Neil Harris

    Good question. In truth, it’s been heard in the streets of Indianapolis and Chicago on Shabbos Night when I walk home from shul. Also heard during Sukkos. I’ve entertained the idea of approaching a musician about using it. Maybe I’ll throw out a blog challenge and see if anyone what’s to try their hand at it, then have a battle of the mp3s a la American Idol and have people vote. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. shaya g


    you really don’t want to open the door to personal questions do you? especially with rafi and I on the loose…. 🙂

  4. The Sheep(shead)

    Neil, coffee creamer??? My wife and I here thought you were a reaaal coffee drinker! Bogus, man.
    My fondest memories are the meatballs I ate in your Kew Gardens apartment.
    Almost as enjoyable as the Pesach meal in Indianapolis.

  5. Neil Harris

    Well, Sheep(shead), times change. We all end up making certain lifestyle decisions based on our situation. For some it might be fewer Billy Joel CD in the car to make room for more Uncle Moishy. For others it’s coffee creamer. Thanks for taking time to read and please feel free to email.

  6. the sheep's wife

    For the record, I have done the former, but never the latter. Still grinding my own beans and making my own cappucino (unflavored) And it’s Yeshiva Boys’ Choir, fyi. Will email. Good blog.


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