In no particular order here are a few of my heroes:

A boy who moved communities in 8th grade and rather than go to public school made the choice to finish the year in a completely new day school not knowing a single person
An adult who left a successful 20 year career with the same company to move from the Midwest to the East coast and start a new job so that his children could attend a yeshiva high school
A couple who gave up their ‘dream house’ for an apartment in the eruv
A man who decided to visit his children for Pesach by car instead of by airplane, because he could listen to more Torah tapes on a car ride than in the air
The parents who daven that their children should be shomer Torah u’Mitzvos and never forget that they are children of the King of Kings

Who are your heroes?
(A comment is nice, but just thinking about the questions is nicer)

7 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. haKiruv

    Nice post. A lot of people think you have to die to be a hero, but truly living can be so much harder. Living for what you belief can be a lot harder than dying for your belief.

  2. anonymous mom

    I was just saying this past Shabbos that I am a cynical person and yet I feel strongly that Rabbi Fass who began Nefesh B’Nefesh is a true Hero. Great ideas combined with tenacity and hard work need to find a home in an actual person. That is really hard. Also, quietly, quietly the members of the Chevra Kedesha in every community.

  3. Anonymous

    I like your examples.

    I’d add you to my list of heroes and I’d also like to add people who give up (or don’t pursue) financially rewarding careers in order to be involved with tzedeka organizations, or in chinuch.


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