A Kiruv lesson from Eeyore

“I’m telling you. People come and go in this Forest, and they say, ‘It’s only Eeyore, so it doesn’t count.’ They walk to and fro saying, ‘Ha ha!’ But do they know anything about A? They don’t. It’s just three sticks to them. But to the Educated – mark this, little Piglet- to the Educated, not meaning Poohs and Piglets, it’s a great and glorious A.” –Eeyore, summarized from The House at Pooh Corner (chapter 5)
I read this years ago and could never get it out of my mind (like most things that really are not that important).
As I get older, I find myself (at times) taking my Torah observant lifestyle for granted. Whether it’s aspect of hilchos Shabbos, which hechshers are acceptable, or events in Tanach it’s easy to forget that I also didn’t know the things I know today.
It behooves me to remember what Eeyore says. To those not blessed with the opportunities I’ve had, an ‘A’ is just three sticks.

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