As we get closer to tax day…

It’s everywhere! Constant reminders that my taxes are due soon.

This time of year I often think of a great story from EYES TO SEE by Rav Yom Tov Schwartz:

In my youth [not long before the Holocaust], I heard of an incident involving a young man from the city of Krakow, who wanted to travel to Belz for Rosh HaShanah, as is customary amongst Chassidim who travel to their Rebbes for Rosh HaShanah. This young man was poor and did not have the money for his travel expenses. So he hid underneath one of the iron benches in the train car, and traveled in this manner from Krakow to Belz, so that he would not have to pay the fair when it was collected. When the holy gaon, R. Yissachar Dov zt”l, the Belzer Rav, heard about this, he told his Chassidim to raise a sum of money in the amount of a train ticket from Krakow to Belz. He then instructed them to purchase postage stamps with this money, and to shred them in his presence, so that the government would not forfeit the cost of this fare. (Page 279)

Just like our own private tefillos are treasured by Hashem, the positive actions we do in private (as well as in public) are also treasured by Hashem.

4 thoughts on “As we get closer to tax day…

  1. Rafi G

    I remember hearing a similar story, albeit a litvishe version, involving the chafetz Chaim. When he would send a letter via someone travelling, rather than the usual method of the post office, he would then purchase a stamp and tear it up.

  2. Neil Harris

    Rafi: I also heard the same story about the CC. I was actually going to post it as well, but wanted to get the facts first. Thanks for relating it.

    Prag: It’s true. In America we forget that in some countries Jews still have it pretty bad.

  3. SephardiLady

    Taking over where I left off. 🙂
    I was going to post my own dvar Torah for tax season, but I was so busy with my own work that I have decided to procrastinate until next year. Based on the way Pesach falls out next year it will be more appropriate anyways.

    Chag Kasher V’Sameach.


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