A moment of reflection

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine not posting for over two weeks. It’s not that my life is so exciting or that I have so much to say, it’s just that I had a lack of free will when it came to blogs. Things have changed for the better.

I didn’t start out planning not to post, but things came up like family, rubber bands, work, and freezing cold temps in our playroom/computer room.

During my ‘break’ from posting two things transpired. Firstly, as of the beginning of January, I have posted more than 100 times on blogger. For me, as someone who enjoys writing, but hadn’t kept up with it in years, this is a milestone. I look at it as over 100 journal entries!

The second thing that happened was much more humbling. My sitemeter went over 10000. I am blow away that my little blog has been viewed more that 10000 times. I was floored when my first posting even got any comments.
Thanks to all of those who take time from their day to read and comment. It means something to me. On with the postings…

3 thoughts on “A moment of reflection

  1. Pragmatician

    It is very gratifying to see comments.
    It means on the one hand that there are Jew out there who understand what we mean and on the the hand that we visit their blogs:)

  2. shoshana (bershad)

    Wishing you a virtual sweater so that you can be comfortable this winter! I look forward to reading your blog again.


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