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I once saw a great band t-shirt. The t-shirt said: THIS IS NOT A FUGAZI T-SHIRT. That was the whole shirt. IMHO this was a great marketing technique. It was a commercially non-commercial way to promote the band. Ironically, the t-shirt was not an official band produced shirt, as the band was totally against comercial marketing.

Ever since I’ve been reading blogs and, for sure since the inception of this blog, I’ve been impressed with those bloggers who post on a daily basis. I admire it and, at times, wish I had the diligence to do the same. Blogs (don’t feel bad if I don’t mention yours) such as A Simple Jew, Hirhurim, Emes Ve-Emunah, Serandez, Psycho Toddler, or BeyondBT serve up fresh postings on a daily basis. No only are the postings well written, but make one think and grow as a Jew. One of the keys to a successful blog is updated content, so I’ve been told.

Since Shabbos, I’ve taken a slight break from looking at blogs (with the exception of one blog yesterday) or posting on this one. It has little to do with lack of motivation to write (Baruch Hashem) and more to do with increasing my productivity outside the blogosphere.

Of course, in the next day or two, when I revert to looking at blogs, I’ll have a million posts on my google reader to go through, but that’s alright. To those that post daily…Kol Hakavod.

Postscript: The truth is that what I thought to be a cute title and post is really not so cute. To attempt to sensationalize my day to day life and spin it into something more than it is, is really norishkeit. As pointed out to me by a reader, this posting adds nothing to my own Avodas Hashem and is not in keeping with the themes and topics that I normally write about. To that reader, I say thanks!

11 thoughts on “This is not a blog posting

  1. Rafi G

    St. Peters fish I have heard of. But I am no expert on fish. I will not put fish in my mouth (except for geilte loaded with chrain on a Friday night) and the occassional spoon of tuna.

  2. A Simple Jew

    Thanks for the mention, Neil. As I have told you before, I save up material so I will not feel the daily pressure to come up with new material…also, this is why I solicit guest postings.

  3. PsychoToddler

    I actually try NOT to post every day. You have to give a post a few days to get some comments going.

    If I had to, I would post multiple times per day, but it would all be stuff like, “Today I found a hair in my tuna,” and who wants to read that??

  4. Neil Harris

    Sometimes we need another point of view. Funny how such an “unpost” is creating comments. As Trump said at then end of a classic Apprentice epsode in the third season, when he fired 4 people in one shot, “Life goes on.”


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