With temps in the near 100s, sometimes a blog freeze isn’t a bad idea. Didn’t really check my blog, or anyone else’s since erev Shabbos. It’s good to know that I still have will power. I’ll be continuting with Midah # 7 shortly. Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Defrost

  1. Neil Harris

    It was my first announcement. And it was only temporary. Drove to work this morning, seems I need power strearing fluid.
    Mussar Haskik:Sometimes we need to put in extra effort to head in the direction we want to go.

    Thanks for the welcome.

  2. Anonymous

    A blog freeze can be like a brain freeze(like when you drink a slurppe too fast, and once it passes you still keep drinking!

  3. anon1

    Yes that is true as an anonymous member posts the same by me. It can be annoying. Sometimes it is easier to make up a name so that it doesn’t get confusing between lots of anon’s. Btw were you home for shabbos or did you go away and do anything exciting?


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