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  1. Bari

    Excellent post there.

    I humbly recommend reading the “Naftali visits the Beis HaMikdash” series from feldheim. It’s really for teens, I guess, but is very informative of many of the aspects of Avodah in the Beis HaMikdash and Tum’ah/Tahara issues that come up, explained in a more story-like, down-to-earth fashion that enhance the ability to relate to it.

    The “Three Special Days” book in that series about Pesach, left me choking back tears at the description of the singing of the Hallel in the Beis HaMikdash while sacrifcing the Korban Pesach. I felt the loss acutely.

  2. Rafi G

    I just read it again with a clearer head and it really was a great post. I commented over there. It was very appropriate for the 9 days, especially becasue nowadays it is so hard to imagine our relationship with the bais hamikdash…


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