A Great Thing About the JBlogosphere

If you hurry, you can still click Hirhurim – Musings and read the July 1, 2006 entry. Rabbi Student and his wife had a baby boy on Shabbos. I don’t know Gil Student, but as of when I posted this entry there were 15 comments on the birth announcement. All of them Mazel Tovs. No bashing, name calling, no pointing the finger as to why there is disharmony within various camps of Torah Judaism, no anti-religious cries to turn people away from Yiddishkeit, no scandal of sexual abuse, no reference to the singles crisis, no making fun of people who wear black hats, no making fun of people who don’t wear black hats, no anti-Lubavitch/Breslov/YU/Lakewood comments, or even references to anyone’s previous published blog entry about this particular topic –which I was guilty of once-see the entry titled…oh, never mind. Mazel Tov and I’m glad to see that people can agree on something.

17 thoughts on “A Great Thing About the JBlogosphere

  1. Rafi G

    lol. I was not aware of how many different ways one could find to bash a baby announcement… you have given me many good ideas!!

  2. daat y

    a birth.There will be enough disagreement.
    The name of the baby.Where to have the bris.What kind of herring to serve.Who will get the kibudim.

  3. zev ashkanazy

    Great post. However, I often feel that we use feel-good moments like this to try and make ourselves feel better about all the other problems we are going thru. Just because we, thank G-d, are not animals and we can put aside our differences for a Mazel Tov is no great accomplishment. Lets see 15 respectful comments to any other posting and then we can celebrate!

  4. Neil Harris

    To “put aside our differences for a Mazel Tov is no great accomplishment.” True enough. I heard in the name of RAS that he thought the same way about staying up to learn Shavuous night, or fasting. To do something one night out of a year (like staying up to learn)isn’t really a big deal. It’s being able to consistant that shows the true strengh of being Moser Nefesh.

    It too bad not every thing can be as simple as “a Simcha is a Simcha”.

  5. Anonymous

    as R Winner puts it ‘to die on mesiras nefesh is no big deal, to live with mesiras nefesh tahts a big deal!’

  6. Bob Miller

    The thing you point to is that bloggers can get into a rut and become typecast role-players. Any issue that comes up (hopefully excluding simcha announcements!), they spring to the attack and act out their adopted roles. Once enough key themes have been re-run to the point of absolute boredom, the negative role-players with nothing to say will lose their audience.

  7. Bob Miller

    Why not throw a party for your commenters? The anonymous ones can come in disguise. This could justify driving to Chicago.


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