My Kids Rock!!

My kids always throw me for one loop after another.
Yestereday (Thursday, the 22nd), I got my 6 1/2 year old son some cereal for breakfast before I left for work. He likes his bowl of cereal, in the case Honey-Combs, without milk. Today I gave him his bowl and he made a bracha. Then, he said: Abba. Do you know why I made a bracha now, instead of after you went to work?
No, I replied.
Because I wanted you to answer Amen, he said.
I smiled, told him he made a great choice and that I was proud of him, and thought, “There must be something in the water.”

That night (last night) I had the following conversation with my soon (as she like to remind us) to be 4 year old daughter…
Daughter: Abba, Hashem make dis world, right?
Me: Yes, Hashem made everything.
Daughter: O.K. I undertand. But who makes Hashem?
Me: No one. Hashem was around before the world was created. Hashem was always here.
Daughter: So, hims here first. Hashem was first one in whole place?
Me: Yeah, you got it!
Daughter: If Hashem is first, then dat makes Hashem the winner. I gonna be on Hashem’s team. Hashem is the winner… I pick hims team.

“Must be something in the water…”

15 thoughts on “My Kids Rock!!

  1. Neil Harris

    Too true. They are closer to the true source of everything. It scares me when I really listen to them and realize how much they already know… Thanks for reading.

  2. daat y

    Who created hashem is a classic question.You answered it appropriately for her age.NACHAS.

  3. Neil Harris

    Daay y, thanks!! We can only try and hope for S’yata D’shemyia!
    I remeber reading that Rav Yaakov would daven that his children would be yirah shamyim and follow in Torah u’Mitzvos!

  4. Pragmatician

    Sounds like they go to a good school.
    Answering Amen is a very important Mitzvah, something I learned when I was 18 instead of 6.
    At 6 they taught us Mishnayos…

  5. Neil Harris

    Funny, I didn’t learn abouth brachos until I was 15, and except of Pirkei Avos, I had no clue what Mishnayos was until I was 18.
    Thanks for reading.

  6. Neil Harris

    Wow, PT, thanks for checking out the blog.

    As I’m sure you know, not every discussion with kids is so theological. More often than not its: “What can’t we have alef-bet chicken nuggets every night?”
    Or: “My left shoe was in my closet when I went to sleep.”

  7. Sharon S.

    What wonderful conversations! The great part about talking to your kids is that you learn just as much from them as they do from you. Kids just have a way of bringing the ikkur right to the forefront! I wonder if it has to do with the fact that they are closer than we are to learning the Torah directly from a malech (in utero). The older we get the farther away we get from those original teachings. Perhaps they have some sort of subconcious memory of it?

  8. Neil Harris

    Sharon, you’re probably correct. I heard the Baal Shem Tov was been quoted as saying towards the end of his life, that children are much closer to HKBH than we can ever imagine. Thanks for checking the blog.


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