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Usually, I am happy that I blog under my own name. It adds transparency and authenticity to my feeble attempts to write. I occasionally find myself writing down “posts” in my journal that never see the light of day on this blog or on my lame attempt of writing for a broader audience (more on that below). So, here’s a rundown of posts that are unpublished. The first group, probably won’t see the light of day. The second list has a better chance. If something looks interesting, please leave a comment.

  • What makes a writer a writer or “Why getting your own domain in an attempt to share your writing with thousands isn’t always the best idea)
  • Even after 16 years, I still don’t know how my wife puts up with me
  • Waking up to the reality that you failed in fulfilling a mitzvah and chose not to attach yourself to a middah really sucks
  • R Yisrael Salanter was right. Accepting responsibility for your mistakes and attempting to rebuild yourself and relationships is mucho harder than learning all of Shas
  • Hey, do you really want to know where kids get bad middos? Check the mirror, brother. Check the mirror.
  • How to crush a kid in less than 3 minutes
  • “Modern Orthodox,” ok, but I didn’t know that being “Modern Reform” was, like, an actual thing
  • The sad reality that boys can be just as mean as girls or “Why middos programs can’t be regulated to mottos and nice posters in schools”
  • Because Observant Judaism has made categories for everyone based on nusach, minhag, and haskafah we are to blame for Open Orthodoxy wanting inclusion
  • How I scored a copy of “My Uncle the Netziv” for under $8.00
  • Who wants to join me in starting a website called “” as a brother site to


  • Unemployment doesn’t mean you are unemployable
  • Why job hunting can drive you to drink and what happens if you can only afford rubbing alcohol
  • If you search hard enough, there are cool things to do that cost nothing except for gas (Day camp part 1)
  • When you run a day camp, be sure to actually charge something, even if it just covers Slurpees (Day camp part 2)
  • If you want to make any change in your life, be prepared to get uncomfortable
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, then you’ve forgotten who actually placed you in this world
  • People are willing to help, if you can manage to ask them
  • School administrations will fight for your child, you just have to ask
  • Why the second printing of Artscroll’s Jaffe Edition of Mesillas Yesharim prompted me to complain to Artscroll
  • Back in my day we didn’t have the “Morasha Syllabus”. We had to come up with outlines, sources, trigger questions, photocopy texts, and cut and paste (with real glue)… and we liked it.
  • Why Limmud matters or “Why would I show up to a meeting, not knowing any of the other 25 other participants?”
  • Observations on what we have in common with Reform congregations
  • The ah-ha moment when you can look back and say, “Most of my friends are pretty damn cool…without even trying.”
  • Bad choices can label you, but good choices can define you

Nourishing the Neshama-“The School, the Home, and the Community”


Wednesday, November 6, 2013 – 8:00pm at OR TORAH
“The School, the Home and the Community: An Open Discussion with Three Leading Educators”featuring 
Rabbi Menachem Linzer, Dr. David Pelcovitz & Rabbi Eli Samber

“Nourishing The Neshama” is a new project in Chicago.  It’s a partnership project of Ida Crown Jewish Academy, the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel, NCSY, YU Institute for University-School Partnership, and Congregations Chochevei Torah, KINS, KJBS & Or Torah.