Trade Agreements Sales Price

Trade agreements are a very strong feature. This option complements the basic pricing functionality and offers great flexibility in pricing. However, I don`t recommend making your pricing very difficult, as it can take time to support them. When a customer creates an order, the price used for a product is based on priority. First, the system checks whether there is a commercial agreement with a line discount (sales) and applies it to the price (turnover), if any, or to the basic price if there is no price (sales). If there is no trade agreement with an online discount (sales), the system looks for a trade agreement with a price (sales). If there is no commercial agreement with a price (sales) corresponding to the criteria, the basic selling price of a product is used. This means that if the customer order is established in USD currency for item 1000 and for the customer who is part of price/discount group 01, on 22-07-2020 and the order quantity is 7. In this case, the line discount amount of 15 USD applies to the net line amount, and in addition, the discount percentage of 2 also applies to the remaining amount. (net amount of the line – amount of the discount).

Depending on the selection of the item, the position of the commercial contract can be defined as a combination of variant dimensions. A trade agreement line can also be defined by location and warehouse and by unit or number of units and currencies. The lines of trade agreements can then be grouped into a trade agreement that defines very complex pricing structures. – PriceDiscTable (entry entered in this table when the Trade Agreements Journal is published. It has the same data that is visible from the “Announcements of commercial agreements” form for the item, the customer and the supplier) This means that if the customer order is created in USD currency for each customer who has article 1000, A quantity of up to 10 and that has been established during the period of validity, then the selling price of 15 USD is returned for this order. Sana has no influence on how prices are calculated. The standard Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations logic is used. At Sana, you can only control the prices you want to display to your customers in the online store. Note: You can configure the purchase price with the similar approach and with the report as price (purchase) 15. “From” & “Bis”: add the quantity of “From” and the quantity of “bis”, i.e. the quantity for the trade agreement. For this range of quantities, the commercial agreement becomes active when booking.

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