Political Disagreements In Marriage

So how can we prevent political divisions from separating us from our loved ones? We asked leading psychologists for a guide to maintaining close relationships with those we value, even if they disagree with our political views. A recent divorce between former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lynn Aronberg and her husband Dave Aronberg has been highlighted in recent headlines. Lynn said she felt increasingly isolated in her marriage because of her husband`s differences in political leanings and opinions toward some elected officials. The funny thing is that talking about the Trump election makes me more emotional than the end of my marriage. I had drunk Kool-Aid`s data, as Clinton`s victory was absolutely inevitable, and I volunteered to be a partner before the election. I wanted to be part of the process that chose the first president! It`s so dorky, but I even wore white in honor of the suffragettes. However, when I left the electoral center, Donald Trump was the presumed winner. It was overwhelming. John: Before Trump, we pretty much dealt with it, probably on women`s reproductive rights. But that was a fraction of what has happened since then. At the time, Samantha was also much, much, much less involved in political and bourgeois life. It went from zero to 60.

And while I think I hate Trump as much as she does, Samantha is much more angry and almost obsessed with it. The flip side of the page is that she also had a new community and new projects that were important to her. I am a Conservative Catholic from California. He is a Jewish liberal from Pennsylvania. One of the first things that drew us to each other was our opposing views about life. We had (and have) a lot of political chatter and enjoyed discussing all sorts of topics (which was easy if you don`t need to live with the person!). “Don`t engage in political discussions on the Thanksgiving table,” Brown says. “If someone asks you a question and you can answer politely, it doesn`t matter, but if they lure you into an argument, don`t do it.” I have no idea what is really going on in the marriages of these power couples, but I have witnessed couples under treatment who claimed to have serious quarrels over politics. Some of these couples have proposed marital separation as a remedy. The most common combination of these enemy couples is that of a Republican married to a Democrat or living with a Democrat, such as the Carville/Matalin Union. Or two Republicans who disapprove of many of President Trump`s actions, like the Conways. .