Business Development Agreement Pdf

(3) That the second party collect all information relating to sales, feedback, market research and quality improvement of the products of the first part and take effective measures for business development for the first party. The parties discussed the issue of business development for the First Party and agreed that the second party would begin business development work for the First Party, and agreed to conclude a mutually beneficial agreement on the following conditions: This agreement will enter into force on the 2nd. January 2011 in effect between: Enter the name of the supplier company, a company that organizes and exists according to the laws of the supplier`s founding state, with its registered office under Enter the supplier`s address, enter the supplier`s address, enter the supplier`s state, the state (the “supplier”), THE RECIPIENT: Enter the name of the receiving company Enter the recipient`s address, the recipient`s address, the recipient, the recipient`s email address. Independent Contractors This Agreement does not create a partnership between contracting entities or agents, employers or workers, joint ventures or other relationships, with the exception of the relationship of independent contractors between the parties. Nothing in this document shall be construed to create or involve a joint venture, a principal and a representative, employer or worker, partnership or any other relationship, with the exception of independent contractors between the parties, and neither party has the right, power or power to create, on behalf of the other party, an obligation related to the performance of this agreement. This Agreement may not be transferred or assigned by either party without the prior written consent of the other party.12. This Agreement represents the entire agreement and understanding between the Supplier and the Consignee with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.13. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States, and the place of jurisdiction for any dispute or claim arising out of this Agreement is Enter County, State.14. This Agreement is concluded in two copies, each an original and held by each party, but all counterparties together form the same instrument. 1. That the second party, on behalf of the first party, assume the business development function at its level. (7) If, for any reason, the tender is not awarded to the First Party, the fact that the first Party is required under this Agreement to pay the amount described above after the award of the tender shall not be entitled to a fee.

The second party will not ask for any money for the costs incurred during this process. 8. That the taxes incurred when the business taxes are incurred in the second part are borne by the first part. The parties signed this agreement in the presence of the witnesses. 3.2 Recipient Expenditures. The beneficiary shall bear all costs incurred in carrying out his activity.4. PersonnelThe Supplier undertakes to provide, from time to time, qualified and appropriate key personnel on mutually agreed terms. The appointment and withdrawal of such personnel shall be subject to the prior written consent of the addressee. Any person reasonably considered by the consignee to be unfit to fulfil its obligations shall be replaced as soon as possible by a person designated by the supplier and approved by the consignee.5.

Confidential InformationThe Parties may keep confidential, without prior written consent, information provided by the other Party on a confidential basis in the course or in connection with the operations of that other Party and may not disclose it to third parties.6. The Provider will use its best efforts, skills and experience in providing the services described in Section 2. . . .