What Happens If I Don`t Renew My Tenancy Agreement

You need to check your lease to see if you need to write to your landlord to say that you will leave at the end of your term. If you`re not sure, contact Housing Rights for advice. Hello, I am a student, and I am trying to stay in private property owned by a private owner through a broker. The real estate agent and the owner were very picky about who was looking after the property, and after agreeing to leave us the property and two other students, the broker prompted us to ask the documents to make the necessary references and gave us a deadline stipulating that we will lose the property if we do not comply and charged us 150 pounds sterling per person for SEO. Once the referencing is complete, the agent obliges us to sign the contract soon only taking into account their requirements, in order to rent the property as quickly as possible, regardless of our requirements. Our request was to sign the contract and withdraw it before the end of August. And the agent is again trying to force us to say that if we don`t sign it now, we will lose ownership. I think that is unfair, because it is an agreement between two parties that takes into account the requirements of both parties. All the advice on this would be very grateful, because I do not know what I should do. Cardifflandlord is right in that a lease can normally be for any period. However, I think the tenant has the right to stay in a property for at least 6 months from the time a “new” lease is signed (I think that`s what the Council tried to say when it doesn`t fully understand the law). For example, even if the lease is 2 months (which is still legitimate), a landlord cannot force the tenant to leave until 6 months have elapsed. A tenant has the legal right to remain in the bond for at least 6 months.

I just need to know that it is not fair to live in a country of limbo and be unable to plan for a future. Are there laws that prevent an owner from cutting and changing his mind instead of deciding what he wants to do at the end of the lease? Apparently, this rumor is strongly supported by the owners, so they can charge a “rental fee”. Fortunately, it is perfectly legal and valid for a lease to continue even after fixed dates have expired. There is no legal obligation to renew contracts. Sarah Smith. I`m afraid it`s the joy of contract law. An ad is not considered an offer. The offer itself is the contract itself.

Their adoption is the signature of this treaty. So you have a choice. Sign it or don`t sign it. If you were going to stay a year, I do not see what the problem is. An owner is trying to seal us another 12-month contract, she says we can only do anything 12 months. This is a managed property, so we have no contact for the owner to maybe arrange something between us, my question is. What rights do we have, if we know the information provided by the owners, do we have to enter into another 12-month contract with the owner at a price? When a landlord leases a property to a tenant, there is usually a lease agreement that sets a period for which the lease will last. Your lease usually expires automatically if you go to the last day of the fixed term. Some contracts say you have to terminate, so check your consent. This is very common and periodic leases can, in some cases, last for many years.