Supplementary Llp Agreement For Change Of Name

Amending the LLP agreement is a simple process and requires the adoption of a resolution indicating the amendment of the agreements. There are several circumstances in which the agreement is required to amend Section 19 of the LLP Act[1], 2008, defines the procedure related to LLP Name chang and in the LLP agreement submitted to the MCA. Here is a draft complementary LLP agreement. After the LLP name change process, it is important to change the LLP name of the LLP agreement, the PAN card, the TAN number and the GST registration. The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is the most important document in the LLP, along with the statutes and statutes of a limited company. It defines the scope and extent of the LLP`s activity, as well as the rights, obligations and obligations of partners. An LLP agreement is of great importance because it contains information on partners, capital contributions, profit-sharing rates, board meetings, dispute resolution minutes, company closures, etc. There may be situations that require the modification of the LLP agreement, such as a change in LLP`s activity, a change in the capital contribution, the addition or removal of a partner, etc. To amend the LLP agreement, you must pass a resolution authorizing the revision of the LLP agreement. The second step is to submit Form 3 to the Clerk within 30 days of the agreement being amended. However, if an amendment to the LLP agreement were to result in a change to the designated partner/partner, Form 4 would have to be presented with Form 3. The following documents must be attached to Form 3: LLP`s initial agreement – LLP`s complementary/modified agreement – Resolution adopted by the partners – All other documents requested by the MCA.

If the ROC is deemed satisfactory, the ROC will file a new registration certificate in the new name. The name change of LLP takes effect from the date indicated in the ROC certificate. Please, anyone can me” project/specimen of the LLP endorsement in case of change in profit sharing or losses and ceasation of the partner in LLP. You may be interested in changing the name of your Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) for commercial, personal or central government instructions. The central government could order a change to the name of the LLP if the name is considered undesirable or similar to that of an existing LLP or of too narrow a similarity. In this article, we examine in detail the process of changing the LLP name. The procedure for changing the name of LLP is governed by Section 19 of the LLP Act, 2008 and the LLP agreement submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.