Shareholders Agreement Traductor

If this shareholder decides to sell, others may get on the offer car (other shareholders may stick to the shareholder`s offer) and use their terms to sell their share. They are generally put in place to protect minority shareholders, as they allow minority shareholders to access the van that the majority shareholder received from a third party for its shares. This is why they are usually translated into common support or sales clauses. In the event that a shareholder holding more than half of the total issued and in-turn shareholding receives a firm offer of a third party for shares representing 100% of the share capital, that shareholder is entitled to require other shareholders to compulsorily sell all their shares in the company. , on the same terms and price as the price at which all shares are sold to third parties. For them to take effect, they must be incorporated into a shareholder agreement or pact or into the statutes or statutes themselves. . These agreements are very common for joint venture and private equity contracts. Ruth and Fernando, his statement is excellent; However, with regard to social laws and disputes in Spanish-speaking countries, the translation of these concepts must take into account the legal elements and not be literal. One of the proposals is therefore that “the tag Right Along” may be “the right of the minority shareholder to join the sale of majority shareholders” and “the right of the majority shareholder to impose the joint sale with minority stakes.” I hope the top will be useful to you. Greetings, if a third party wishes to acquire a share of the share capital of one or more shareholders representing more than 50% of the company`s capital, the other shareholders have the right, without prejudice to their pre-emption right referred to in point 7 above, to jointly sell all the shares to that third party at the same price and on the same terms, the price offered by the latter and the same conditions which must extend the offer to other shareholders. Therefore, they should not be regulated or recognized by law. Its application in Spain is perfectly valid.

Current short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, More in the area of corporate law (corporate law), we can say that these are pacts or social agreements that influence the rights of shareholders to the sale of shareholders. These clauses apply to the majority shareholder who comes into play when the majority shareholder decides to sell all or most of his shares to a third party. Thus, minorities enjoy better terms of sale than those that could be obtained separately and also have the opportunity to leave the company in the event of a change of control with which they do not feel comfortable.