Sag New Commercial Agreement

Social media: The MOA provides that the continued use of a spot on social networks (with the exception of YouTube) after the expiry of the MPU does not trigger a payment obligation, provided that the advertisement “is not relevant to each current campaign and remains in the stream linked to its original publication date” and that the advertisement is withdrawn after notification from the union. This follows the language contained in the low-budget digital waiver. This is another welcome clarification that is in line with a standard that is emerging in the sector. (In fact, I would say that the term use in the “historical flow” of a social media platform resembles the presence of ads printed in old magazines that you see in your dental office.) Although SAG and AFTRA (the two unions) merged in 2012, the sag pension plan and the AFTRA pension fund remain separate units. Each SAG-AFTRA collective agreement determines the fund in which pension contributions are made. The SAG Commercial contract refers to the SAG pension plans and the SAG-AFTRA audio sales contract and the SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational – Non-Broadcast contract (the “co-ed contract”) each refer to the AFTRA pension fund. A graphic summary: in earlier versions of the commercial contract, which date back to prehistory, the maximum duration of use (“MPU”) for an advertisement is automatically extended, unless the performer has taken the initiative to provide the manufacturer with a notice of non-renewal. The 2019 commercial contract is making a difference by shifting the burden on manufacturers to answer the performers in the affirmative, in order to negotiate contract renewals beyond the MPU. If a producer does not find a particular performer, the manufacturer can notify the union and the union has 30 days to locate the executor.

If the union cannot finally find the missing interpreter, the producer can renew the spot at the same rate as the one paid during the previous MPU. The use of commercials on over-the-top platforms (“OTT”) like Hulu is now included in Internet use. SAG Class C Wage trade agreements apply to advertisements in less than six cities. SAG Commercial Rate On Camera: $654.77 SAG Commercial Rate Off Camera: $436.55 And unlike other SAG AFTRA theatrical agreements, you don`t have to provide a theatre demonstration as part of this agreement. This is probably also your SAG agreement if you shoot a wild spot. Unlike national or cable ads, wild ads are ads that appear in more than 20 specific cities. Other commercial types are “distributor ads” (advertisements produced and paid for by a manufacturer, seasonally, abroad, in the industry (as a point of sale), theatre (at the cinema), local cables, public service advertisements, Spanish speakers and so-called non-wired networks such as ITN.