Qantas Staff Travel Interline Agreements

Non-stop flights from Qantas between Perth and London (QF9 and QF10) often fly over Iran and Iraq. The airline said on Wednesday it would instead divert the flight over Afghanistan after flying over Singapore from The east coast of Australia. We are strictly prohibited from making our major interline agreements accessible to the general public. So we had to put in place a firewall and use a membership model. Flight offers are requested by business travellers for all Qantas and Jetstar flights. Flight offers must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the trip. Employees without registration may be refused. Peak hours such as school holidays and the Christmas period are also a nightmare, but employees who are willing to travel at Christmas or New Year usually receive the flights they want. The eldest is everything at Qantas. The longer you work there, the more hierarchical you are and the more likely you are to take the desired flight. Airlines cannot pay as well as a bank or law firm, but they have always been attractive employees because of the travel benefits that go with the job. Traditionally, employees, their partners and their direct family have the right to travel for a small fee if there is a replacement seat. The service was also extended for staff after leaving the airline as long as you were there for at least five years.

These employees have access as long as they have worked on it. For example, an engineer who works for seven years at Qantas will have access to personnel trips for seven years. The idea that people (who haven`t paid for an upgrade seat) object to employees having a decent seat before their next show seems to me to be a bit “legitimate” to say the least. DCW I like your attitude and that`s certainly the way things should be from the customer`s point of view, but I remember a particular domestic flight where I and the other three members of my family, on a morning flight, were passengers in a full-priceD A330 (booked in advance, not last minute). In Cabin J, there were half a dozen uniformed jetstar agents, apparently on a mission. Some time after we served them hot breakfast and no meals came near us, I asked a cabin crew member when our breakfast would arrive. I was told they no longer had any. They gave all the breakfasts to the staff (even for them to serve first) and not at the full passenger fare! By check-in is not available for travelers with stand-by (space available/underload/ID) tickets. When planning the trip, be sure to allow yourself enough time to land and re-register at each stage point.

Staff receive a separate amount of baggage for customs travel, as we have to take our work as well as our civil belongings. The two airlines have agreements with partner airlines regarding the travel of on-call staff.