Pei Doctors Master Agreement

“We have worked with the P.E.I. Medical Society, which represents the physician-on-duty levy, and we have developed a program that still compensates them during this pandemic,” said Mr. Aylward. Aylward said the doctor`s compensation plan was for physicians affected by past health restrictions as part of the pandemic that limited clinic visits. Honorary physicians per service are paid by the province on a pro-visit basis. Aylward stated that the province`s master`s contract with physicians requires the province to provide financial assistance to physicians in certain circumstances. Last fall, the I.E.P. had 77 full-time physicians paid by fees, representing about 34 percent of P.E.I. Aylward physicians, adding that physicians also had overheads related to their clinics, as well as salary costs for employees who may not have been qualified for CERB benefits. Liberal Robert Henderson described a $434,000 position reserved for financial compensation for physicians affected by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) as “CERB for physicians” during Tuesday`s question period.

Some additional investments will support the recruitment and engagement of physicians through other means. In total, Nova Scotia doctors secured $135 million over four years in new funding for Nova Scotia physicians. “At the national level, there is a demand for doctors and doctors are mobile – they can very easily move from one jurisdiction to another,” Aylward said. “So you say it`s like a CERB program for doctors, is it?” Henderson asked for it. The Physician Health Program supports and is committed to peI physicians, established physicians and medical students, their partners and dependent children. The Master Agreement is the formal funding contract between physicians and the Government of Nova Scotia for most medical services. The contract is valid from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2023. Henderson asked Health Minister James Aylward for the compensation package. By the end of March, a total of $434,000 had been spent on physician compensation, and between April 1 and May 15, an additional $1.9 million had been provided for the same position. Each doctor receives an increase of 2% per year of contract. “That`s what this government has done. They took the responsibility [seriously] so that when we came out of the pandemic, we still had a health system that we had to go back to,” Aylward said.

A grant of up to $12,000 per physician is available to all family physicians (APP, AFP and FFS) who enroll their patients in MyHealthNS, allow patients access laboratory results and other important platform functions, and agree to participate in the pilot evaluation process. Henderson then asked what services were provided to the Islanders as a result of the expenses. He said these doctors are not “sitting at home” during the pandemic. Many worked in clinics for cough and fever, while others saw patients through telehealth or other virtual means. These annual increases are applicable on April 1 of each year and apply to the Medical Service Unit (MSU), Alternative Payment Plan (APP) Rate, Collaborative Emergency Centre Funding, Anesthesia Unit (AU), Clinical Assessment for Practice Program (CAPP) Rate, Regional Hospitalist and Community Hospital Inpatient Program (CHIP) Primary Day Rate, Maternity Care HourLy Rate Program, Pathology List B Payments, Rate Of Session rate ED and Psychiatry). He added that the measures were aimed at exercising doctors on I.E.P. This program is offered by physicians in the British Columbia Physical Health Program. It is offered free of charge to MSPEI members and their families. Funding for this program is provided by the master contract. On August 7, 2019, the Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) announced that McKesson Canada, the software provider behind MyHealthNS, will not renew its contract in Nova Scotia. The Department of Health and Welfare (DH