Nurse Practitioner Independent Contractor Agreement Template

4. NO-INTERFERENCE AND NO-COMPETITION CLAUSE In view of the expected benefits of this agreement, the independent contractor hereshesed that, during the duration of the agreement and for the twenty-four months following the end of the contract, whatever the cause, the independent contractor does not ask, directly or indirectly, to convince or try to convince a hospital. , to terminate or break contracts with Principal. In addition, during the duration of the agreement and for twenty-four (24) months after the termination of the contract, whatever the cause, independent contractor cannot be directly or indirectly with the contracting entity in the field of the provision of emergency medical services in a medical facility, stores in one of the municipalities or municipalities of Schedule C attached. Independent contractors and contracting entities agree that, because the activity of the contracting entity must extend from time to time in the case of new hospitals entering into a contract with the rector for the provision of emergency medical services in municipalities or municipalities that are not included in Schedule C. , the independent contractor recognizes that, in this new municipality or commune, the independent contractor cannot compete with the rector twenty-four (24) months after the end of the agreement, and may, in addition to this agreement, which reflects these additional parishes, add a new or revised Annex C reflecting these additional parishes. or municipalities. To be effective with respect to the new parish or parish, the revised Annex C indicates the additional parish or parish added during the duration of the convention and the date on which the rector began his activities in that parish or parish. The contracting entity informs the independent contractor of the endorsement at the address. 12. THE DEMANDE Neither this agreement nor any rights or interest under this agreement may be ceded by the independent contractor, its beneficiaries or legal representatives without the prior written consent of the adjudicating authority; (ii) the executors, directors or other legal representatives of the independent holder or his estate prevent the transfer of rights to the person or persons entitled under this contract; (iii) the transfer of the compensation due to the independent holder to a garrison after receiving a garrison decision, the public or federal authority received by the adjudicating entity or (iv) the transfer by the adjudicating entity of its rights and obligations arising from this agreement. 9. TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT AND EMPLOYMENT The principal contractor and the independent contractor agree that, during the duration of the agreement and any extensions of this agreement, this agreement and the employment of the self-employed contractor may be terminated and that the compensation of the independent contractor be measured until the date of that termination: (i) at its convenience by one of the parties, with a period of 90 (90) days; (ii) without delay, by mutual agreement between the two parties; or (iii) immediately after the client`s written notification to the independent contractor after the appearance of one of the following events: This process is used to award contracts for external services on behalf of the college of persons acting as independent contractors and for contracts of less than $2,000.