Flight Hour Agreement Definition

The substantial breach of this agreement by AIRLINE or any other agreement with CFM, if not cured, is, at CFM`s choice, a substantial violation of all other agreements and contracts between AIRLINE and CFM. In this case, CFM: (A) may suspend the benefit under this agreement and all other agreements and contracts within a reasonable time after all defaults have been healed; (B) to terminate this agreement and all other agreements and contracts; and/or (C) to pursue other remedies relating to this agreement or other agreements and contracts that the law authorizes. To the extent that AIRLINE or one of its holders is entitled to or obtains immunity at any time on grounds of sovereignty or other means of legal action, an action or procedure, compensation or counter-claims, the jurisdiction of a competent court, the procedure department, the pre-decision seizure, the seizure in support of the execution, or the enforcement before the decision, or any other judicial proceeding in a jurisdiction, AIRLINE irrevocably nullifies the application of that immunity and, in particular, the U.S. Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, 28 U.S.C 1602, and seq. and undertakes not to assert or claim such immunity with respect to its obligations, commitments or any other issue raised by this Agreement or the purpose of this Agreement. This agreement is irrevocable and is not subject to withdrawal in any jurisdiction. CFM will contribute up to – for well-documented engine transportation costs for each qualified store visit. To avoid doubts, the risk of loss applies in accordance with the delivery and Delivery A Power by the Hour definitions provides budgetary predictability, avoids the installation of a lender during repairs if an aircraft part breaks down and the registered aircraft may have better value and liquidity. This extra-programmed maintenance concept was originally introduced for aircraft engines to mitigate engine failures. [3] The term was coined in 1962 by Bristol Siddeley to support the British Aerospace 125 Business Jets Vipers for a fixed fee per flight hour. [4] A full engine and accessories replacement service was provided, which allowed the operator to accurately predict these costs and reduce the purchase of engine and accessory stocks.

bankruptcy. Each contracting party may terminate or suspend the performance of all or part of this service agreement if the other party: A) enters into an agreement with creditors because it is unable to settle its debts in a timely manner; (B) in bankruptcy or liquidation, whether mandatory or voluntary; (C) becomes insolvent; or (D) the appointment of a beneficiary of all or most of its assets. Should such a termination take place, AirLINE will not be exempt from the obligation to pay for services provided under this directive. Jet Support Services provides maintenance programs every hour, regardless of the manufacturer. [6] GEMCO also offers a similar program for piston engines in general aviation aircraft. [citation required] Bombardier Aerospace offers its smart services program that covers parts and on-time maintenance. [Citation required] Adjustment of the rate per hour of flight price.