Agreement Between Owner Operator And Driver

3 Compensation or other status or system that may in any way result from the performance of work under the holder/OPERATORS or that may result from that benefit. All owners/operators agree that in all work obtained by Strittmatter Equipment, LLC, it does not discriminate 20% on the basis of race, profession of faith, skin colour, gender or national origin. This ACCORD is not an exclusive agreement, and Strittmatter Equipment, LLC is free to charge people working, including work of the same type that is then performed by the owner/operator. It is clearly understood that for every project in which OWNER/OPERATOR is introduced or performs work, via Strittmatter Equipment, LLC. Drivers are truck drivers who do not drive as employees for a given company, but who work as independent contractors and are both their own boss and their business owner. With such an arrangement, they can choose the job they do and when they do it. The freedom that comes with it can be very attractive; However, this freedom has certain responsibilities, such as: driver`s contracts are agreements between drivers and hGV companies, or lorry drivers and people who use their services, in which the driver agrees to transport equipment for the contractor for compensation. With these agreements, HGV drivers act as independent contractors for the contractor and, as such, are subject to the typical employer-contracting relationship. It`s easy to fail as a proprietary driver if you fall into them without a plan.

The following tips will help you avoid this fate: 5 B. YOU AND/OR YOUR DRIVERS ARE NOT EMPLOYEES OF Strittmatter EQUIPMENT, LLC.c. ALL AND ALL INTER-STATE AND INTRA-STATE AND OTHER LOIS AND DEMANDS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND MUST BE PLEINELY COMPLIED. NOTE: i. All pilots must be DOT certified. ii. All Virginia trucks must be equipped with an automatic tarpaulin system. iii. All trucks must be equipped with an alert system.

iv. Strittmatter Equipment, LLC is prohibited from using or possessing firearms while working. v. Illegal transfer or discharge on the roadway is prohibited. D. OWNER/OPERATOR SHALL AT ALL TIMES BE GOVERNED BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE STANDARD FORM RENTAL TICKETS OF STRITTMATTER EQUIPMENT, LLC SAID TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEING INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE IN THIS AGREEMENT.