Wedding Equipment Rental Agreement

CLEAN UP – PREPERATION FOR PICKUP: All floral arrangements, medium parts, garbage and decorations of any kind must be removed from the tent or other loan equipment before the scheduled pickup time. A surcharge will be charged for all items that must be removed (at the discretion of Mr. G tent rental staff). All chairs and tables must be stacked in the same intended location as delivered. If chairs/tables are not stacked, the fee charged to the tenant is $0.25 per chair and $1.00 per table. The sheets must be free of food and particles and dumped before being placed in laundry bags. Sheets that are returned with burns, wax, holes, cracks, permanent, damp or wet tints with rust, or otherwise unusable, are charged to the customer for replacement costs. A detailed invoice for these items is made available to the customer. Tell your caterer about these conditions. We do not offer a party cleaning service. 14th METEO. In case of rain planned for outdoor rentals, the customer can cancel order 3 for upholstered furniture, dining chairs, coffee tables and side tables 24-48 hours before the scheduled rental.

The final payment for these rental properties will be refunded, but not the initial deposit of 50 per cent. In case of cancellation due to weather conditions less than 24 hours in advance, the rental and delivery costs are full. Something Vintage Rentals, LLC and its representatives reserve the exclusive right to install non-outdoor furniture in case of rain or rain. “Predicted rain” is defined as a probability of rain of 50 percent or more expected for the rental date up to 6. DAMAGE WAIVER PLAN. The waiver of damages is possible for this rental transaction for an additional fee. If the customer agrees to abandon the damages, Something Vintage Rentals, LLC waives its right to recover from the customer any money that goes beyond the amount that was paid to the customer as part of the customer`s insurance coverage for the retail costs required to repair or repair rent-in need of rent that is damaged or destroyed while in the customer`s possession, provided that the customer immediately informs Something Vintage Rentals, LLC of any accident, loss or damage. Abandoning the damage is optional. The waiver of damages may be accepted, but it is not obliged to do so.

The waiver of damages is neither insurance nor a guarantee. The waiver of the damage must be accepted before the assumption of the rented property and is not refundable. The waiver of damages is secondary to the client`s own insurance. Some owners and Business Insurance may cover damage to leased property. Check with the agent or broker to find out if such coverage exists. If the injury waiver is accepted, the client agrees to exercise all available rights as part of the client`s insurance coverage and to reject all rights and proceeds of insurance coverage to Something Vintage Rentals, LLC. The abandonment of damages waives the client`s liability for rented property that is returned damaged. If damaged items are not returned, evidence of damaged objects must be provided, and other evidence such as Something Vintage Rentals, LLC may reasonably require.