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New Mexico is highly dependent on national price agreements for various products and services, from aircraft inspection to water treatment chemicals. For the purchase of technology, New Mexico uses an agreement backed by the National Association of Official Public Procurements called ValuePoint to buy products from Dell. Supplier accountability can also be difficult under national pricing agreements, as services are simply ordered outside a menu and work details can sometimes remain undocumented, the report says. In order to improve oversight, legislative funding committee analysts recommended that parliament provide a separate contract that defines what is required of sellers. The Commission`s report also highlighted “inappropriate” service contracts in the use of contract agents by the State, including “agencies that contract with former employees and pay them much more money to play a similar role, the frequent use of temporary employment services for years to fill staff shortages, agencies that use price agreements rather than providing highly paid consulting services to pay excessive hourly rates. While such agreements have sometimes advocated as a way for agencies to get discounts and avoid bureaucracy, the commission`s analysts say the agreements have allowed for a common ad hoc buying practice with “almost no supervision” that costs the state dearly. Analysts say the New Mexico Department of Information Technology agencies may not have standards and advice for buying equipment, which has led agencies to unnecessarily purchase products – such as high-end vehicles and computers – at sporadic intervals, and therefore not to make potential savings, such as those that states that contract wholesale. Disposal of Used Oils – Used Filters and Used Anti-Freeze Filters and Used Anti-Freeze Warning to State Agencies: Public and Local Agencies Must Seek Permission from DoIT Network Services Bureau Chief for the Use of This Price Agreement. . .

. New Mexico Council for Purchasing from Persons with Disabilities Automotive – Heavy Equipment Filters (Oil, Air, Gas, etc.) . Fire detection and suppression services, Simplex Grinnell Mainframe components, mainframe services, hand-line information systems. Automotive, glass windshield replacement and/or auto repair repair repair parts – work That applies to the following price agreement: . Inspections of aircraft/parts/accessories Shop price, aircraft rentalHangar . . In addition to political changes, New Mexico is also considering the use of Distributed Ledger technology as a self-broadcaster to update purchasing information throughout the state-owned enterprise without having to manage a central repository. To browse this page, tap Ctrl and F or under Edition in the menu, click “Search,” then enter the first two digits and the last five digits of the contract number. You can also look for a word. Telecommunications Services – Intrastate (Long Distance) Get the “best value” in acquisitions by complying with the New Mexico Procurement Code, providing training, contacting suppliers, working with all Executive Branch agencies, enriching the Chief Procurement Officer Program, ensuring a fair and open procurement process, and continuing to maximize benefits to the state.

Telecommunications Services – Local Stock Exchange Operators . Signs; Poster; Identification products Traffic Control Devices In order to correct the state`s irregular spending patterns on technology, the committee recommended that the State Technology Department develop standards for the purchase of computer equipment and uniform guidelines for the date on which agencies should update their equipment.