Merger Agreement Was

3. It and each of its subsidiaries will do their best to recover the debts held to it on or before the merger and will follow their previous credit renewal practices prior to the merger date; 2. Any holder of an outstanding certificate or certificate constituting shares of the XYZ share has the right, at any time and from time to time after the date of the merger, to obtain in exchange, after the surrender of the certificate or certificates to the organization of a stock exchange representative of the surviving company appointed by the board of directors of the surviving company. , a certificate or certificate representing the number of shares held by ABC preferred shareholders in the ABC series in which the XYZ shares represented by the surrendered certificate or the certificates issued were converted in accordance with paragraph 1. The surviving limited company does not pay a dividend to the holders of outstanding quotas, expressed to represent the shares of the XYZ share, but after the discount and exchange, as expected, the record holder of the certificate or certificates of the SERIES of ABC preferred securities issued in exchange for an amount equal to all dividends” of each of these abc preferred shares that are paid or payable to the holders of the ABC , the ABC preferred action in the series between the date of the merger and the date of the exchange. The agreement to merge the [date] by and between the constitution of the two entities acting by their respective boards of directors and sometimes collectively referred to as “constituent companies”. In the case of R and D involving large companies with many shareholders, a shareholder representative should participate in the negotiations in order to defend their interests. This could be one of the majority shareholders or it could be a professional company hired for that purpose. 1. Any common share issued, i.e. abc`s face value, including shares held in ABC`s cash, continues to be issued on the date of the merger of the common shares with a face value of “usd” per share of the surviving company. Each of the common shares outstanding on the date of the merger, the face value of XYZ pending on the date of the merger (referred to as “XYZ share”) and all rights are converted into shares of the convertible pre-share of the surviving limited company (the ABC preferred share in the series”).