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The complete product sectors or manufacturers are concentrated on a supplier and are concluded with a master`s contract that concludes a master`s contract on occupational medicine services and mandatory examinations and evaluations in particularly critical areas of activity. To get more competition, Alba has terminated its master`s contracts. Whether you negotiate a master contract, prices and conditions, claims, specifications or qualifications, any outcome of a buyer`s negotiations has a significant impact on the company`s profit margin. The agreement applies to all DreamWorks films that will begin filming at the end of 2016 and for which Constantin Film acquires the German-language operating rights. As part of the net tally, counterparties add up the net amount owed under all contracts under the master compensation contract. The counterparty that owes money is required to settle its debts by a one-time payment in one currency to the other counterparty. Contracts normally include derivative financial instruments, including futures, options, swaps, convertible bonds and other contracts whose derivative value comes from the value of a related underlying security, as part of a master netting agreement. In addition, reverse pension contracts and securities lending contracts are often included in master netting agreements. Two manufacturers can enter into a compensation master contract if they act as suppliers and customers for each other. The TUM offers its students various software products free of charge for the duration of their studies through so-called master`s or campus licenses. Our services are internationally standardized, so that globally expanding brands can benefit from global master contracts and be confident of achieving the same quality of services and consistent reporting around the world.

Over-the-counter derivatives (isda and German framework contract), for example. B exchange and interest rate swaps, credit risk swaps, options, advances, investment lending and insolvency advisory transactions (ex.B. clearing expertise) In 2012, we signed a master`s contract with Siemens for the supply of 300 swat-6.0-154 wind energy even more efficient. The group ProSiebenSat.1 has entered into a master contract with Constantin Film for the films of the Hollywood-based DreamWorks SKG studios. The agreement of all DreamWorks feature films, which begins until the end of 2016 and on which Constantin Film acquires German-language valuation rights. A master compensation agreement is an agreement between two parties — known as counterparties — that governs the processing of certain compensations or contracts. Two transactions reward each other if a profit in one transaction results in a loss in the other. In other words, transactions protect each other. A master compensation agreement requires a practice called “net settlement” when one of the counterparties acidizes or terminates late a contract included in the master compensation agreement.