Internship Agreement Hong Kong

Organizations that recruit unpaid interns must take into account the requirements of the MWO to ensure that they are exempt from the minimum wage requirement for these individuals and that they are subject to other legal obligations, such as those of the OP, when it is effectively established that there is an employment contract with the intern. There are some exceptions for properly structured student internships, but organizations are at high risk when they fall outside the student internships, in violation of important labour laws. On the first day, the intern is assigned to a mentor who presents her with a main internship project to be completed during the internship. The project should be of real use to your business (if you can monetize the result that would be ideal) and a difficult challenge. Note 1: Under the Employment Services Regulations, a worker who works for four weeks or more with the same employer and has at least 18 hours of work per week is considered to be employed on a permanent contract. Note 2:The employment regulation does not apply: (a) a family member who resides in the same residence as the employer; (b) a worker in the meaning of employment contracts outside the Hong Kong regulations; (c) a person operating under a crew agreement in accordance with the Commercial Navigation (Marine) Regulations or on board a vessel that is not registered in Hong Kong; (d) an apprentice whose apprenticeship contract is registered under the Apprenticeship Regulations. D. d. D. Although certain provisions of the labour and occupation code apply to registered apprentices, the SMW is not applicable. Note 3:This applies to domestic workers (including domestic workers, carers, drivers, gardeners, boat boys or other personal helpers) who reside free of charge in their work household, regardless of gender, race or nationality.

To give some examples of projects that I consider appropriate for internships, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) recently launched the SPG internship program, which applies to ITF projects and to HKSTP and Cyberport tenants. While unpaid internships in Hong Kong are illegal, you can limit your payments to the legal minimum hourly wage of HKD 32.50. This means that you can legally get a full-time resource for HKD 5,720 per month (22 working days for 8 hours of work per day)! The former immediate president has increased the precarious situation with student interns at the three universities. They agreed to note from time to time the internships offered by their full-time students in law firms, provided that law firms provided universities with the full names of their interns and the internship periods prior to the start of work. This confirmation will allow students to be covered by the definition of “intern” as defined by the regulations, and the regulations do not apply to work performed by students during the internship. As it is customary for students to work in successive internships during the summer, they must take into account the restriction of s 3 (a). Under no circumstances can you do an internship to someone with a visitor visa. You don`t want your intern to know the same fate as Stephen Lee or risk a prison sentence himself! The purpose of an internship is twofold.

It should provide the intern with a rich learning experience while generating value for the company.