Afscme Tentative Contract Agreement

The University of California and the union that represents their patient caregivers reached an interim contract agreement early Sunday morning, which narrowly averted a five-day strike… “These preliminary contracts, obtained through the hard work and guidance of the AFSCME and UC negotiating teams, reflect the importance of UC staff in carrying out our mission,” said John A. Pérez, President of the UC Board of Regents. “These agreements provide hard-working UC workers with the benefits and protection they deserve, and they bring UC closer to the kind of employers we need to be.” The five-day shutdown, which reportedly involved up to 13,000 workers, was cancelled after this weekend`s negotiations on a new… 🔊BREAKING The service`s employees have entered into a historic interim agreement that sets the highest union standard at the UC. Prove once again that if 3299 fights, we win! Stay tuned for more voting details and also for the latest information on our patient care contract. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299`s (AFSCME 3299), which includes 10,000 service officers and 16,000 health professionals, has been negotiating a new contract since 2017; The union also went on strike several times during this period, the last time in November 2019 due to allegedly unfair labour practices. “It was a difficult and time-consuming process, but it highlighted important questions about the growing problem of income inequality, the struggle for what remains of the American middle class, and the responsibility of large public employers to raise the communities they serve,” Lybarger said. “While the interim agreement reached by UC and AFSCME is an important sign of progress, much remains to be done. It is time for the UC to offer its AFSCME representatives an equally fair agreement to caregivers who appreciate the contribution of our members to the highly cost-effective UC health system. This new contract applies only to a portion of UC employees representing AFSCME 3299. The union also represents an estimated 19,000 patients who are still negotiating their own contract with the university.

Members will be able to vote on our new treaty in the week of 13 January. We will vote on each of our local campuses, with an e-mail-in option for members who do not work on a campus. The notification of the vote is sent to the members` residence addresses. In the press release, AFSCME 3299 President Kathryn Lybarger called the interim contract “historic” and a contract that “will combat outsourcing abuses that have only contributed to lower wages, undermining benefits and increasing inequality.” Gordon said the ban on redundancies “due to award decisions” was already part of the previous contract. He added that the new contract will “facilitate” the transformation of eligible contract workers into UC employment. The University of California`s main union last night signed a four-year interim contract with the UC for its service employees, ending three years of contract negotiations after at least six strikes during that period.