1 thought on “See the First Photographs Ever Taken of Jerusalem

  1. Mr. Cohen

    Rabbi Avigdor Miller (a popular Chareidi Rabbi,
    born 1908 CE, died 2001 CE) delivered a free public lecture in
    the last year of his life, in which he taught that
    Jews should pray for the Israeli Army.
    I personally witnessed this; I was there.

    When a Jew recites Tefilat Shemoneh Esrei,
    he is permitted to add his own personal prayer requests
    in the middle of the final paragraph, which begins with
    Elokai Netzor Leshoni MeiRa.

    I recently began adding the prayer for the Israeli Army in that part.
    I know this is not the way it is normally recited, but it is permitted,
    and I can say it that way in any synagogue.

    Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation Bnai Yeshurun
    in Teaneck NJ told me that I can recite it even on Shabbat
    and Yom Tov, because it is a communal tefillah,
    not a private bakashah.



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