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Postings upon the 20 yahrzeit of Reb Dovid

The 9th of Tamuz is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Dovid Lifshitz, Z”TL, the Suvalker Rav.

Micha Berger has a great post about Reb Dovid, his rebbe on his blog:

There also is a nice article in the Jewish Press:

Also, there is a story about him in my first blog post:

May Reb Dovid’s neshama have an Aliyah.

Amazing pictures from Lithuania

Rabbi David Lapin, of was recently in Lithuania and shared a number of really amazing photos on the Facebook Page. I am only posting a few of the pictures.


Chofetz Chaim's Kever

Chofetz Chaim’s Kever

Chofetz Chaim's Kever

Chofetz Chaim’s Kever

Chofetz Chaim's Yeshiva in Radin

Chofetz Chaim’s Yeshiva in Radin

Chofetz Chaim's Yeshiva

Chofetz Chaim’s Yeshiva

R Shimon Shkop's kever

R Shimon Shkop’s kever

R Shimon Shkop's kever

R Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor’s kever

Reb Yisrael Salanter's Beis Medrash in Kovno

Reb Yisrael Salanter’s Beis Medrash in Kovno

Volozhin Yeshiva

Volozhin Yeshiva

The Plane Truth

I always try to find a positive outcome whenever I see things in the news that make Torah observant Judaism seem less than an ideal lifestyle. In the media, yesterday, I was saddened to hear about a group of senior yeshiva high school students who were escorted off an airplane. They were taken off the plane for not following federal laws regarding the use cell phones on airplanes. 

Many papers, news agencies, and CNN covered this story. Why? Because, like it or not, an observant Jew is always in the spotlight. It is part and parcel of our National mission to represent the will and sanctification of Hashem’s name. 
I have been on planes when people are still checking email or playing Angry Birds  despite the announcement to turn off all electronic devices. In essence, if you don’t follow this rule prior to take off, you are delaying the flight, which affects everyone on the flight. 
It is those times that we wrongly think that our own rights/needs supersedes the rights/needs of others what leads us astray. [You can tweet that]
As mentioned in this blog, written in articles, taught in yeshivos/day schools (hopefully) people are either givers or takers, as taught by Rav Eliyahu Eliezer Dessler zt’l. Throughout life you are one or the other. Unless you are living isolated in a cave or on an island by yourself, people are watching you and making judgements and assumptions based on your actions. 
Just last week, I was pulled over by a police officer because he thought I was driving while using a handheld device. It turned out, as he saw, that I was holding a chewy granola bar. However, I was extremely polite to him because I was representing our people. 
I can only guess that yesterday’s news was because we, well at least I , needed to be reminded of this plane truth (pun intended). 

Have you seen the light?

“When a person looks at himself in a negative light, he blocks the light of the soul that is within. One he other hand, when a person looks at himself properly, he knows that his soul is pure and untainted. Then from the light of the soul, he is able to draw forth powers with which to cope with everything he faces in life.” – Da Es Atzmecha, Gettting to Know Your Self