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L’iluy Nishmas Raphael Menashe Koppel ben Naomi

Raphael Menashe Koppel ben Naomi was nifter Wednesday night.  I am only posting this because I know that many people have been davening, emailing me, and checking this blog for updates.  May those who took upon mitzvos and had extra kavana during their davening continue to do so, in memory of this young child. 

The levaya for Menashe Koppel Cohen son of Todd and Naomi Cohen will take place tomorrow (Thursday) at Waldheim 1600 S Des Plaines Gate 58 at 11 am

Sunday’s Salanter Selection

Rav Yisrael Lipkin of Salant use to say:

The greatness of the Ari Zal and the Vilna Goan went beyond their command of vast amounts of Torah knowledge- both open and the esoteric parts; their greatness lay in never deviating in the slightest from the directives of the Shulchan Aruch.

From Tenuas HaMussar

Please continue davning for a Neis Nigleh on behalf of Refoel Menashe Koppel ben Naomi

Please continue davening, learning, doing chessed, taking on a higher level of observance, of whatever else you can do and have in mind (or make a verbal statement) that you are doing so in hope of a Neis Nigleh (an open miracle) on behalf of Refoel Menashe Koppel ben Naomi.

The Facebook group Save Koppel!! was recently started, as well.

Tehillim gathering at 7:00pm Wed night

From the Chicago Center for Torah and Chessed:

There will be an emergency tehillim tonight at 7:00 pm at KINS 2800 Northshore for Refoel Menashe Koppel ben Naomi son of Todd and Naomi (Weiss) Cohen. Today he showed some responsiveness. Please make every effort to attend as every tefillah can help.

Sunday’s Spark of Mussar

Rav Nosson Zvi Finkel, the Alter of Slabodka

He use to say that a person should always suspect himself, for even his good deeds may stem from impure motives.  “Perhaps,” he said, “the reason I built my whole Mussar approach on the greatness of the first man stems from the fact that the first shmuse I heard from R’ Simcha Zissel Ziv was on that subject.”

From Sparks of Mussar by R Chaim Ephraim Zaitchik

Out of time

Photo from here

No, not R.E.M.’s seventh album, but just my way of saying that I’m on a blog break until June 14th.  Thanks for taking time to read this.

Yeah, I used strikethrough.  I realized that had a slew of postings that I was “finishing up” or a grand post that could only be revealed on June 14th, or if I posted daily, then an official break would be in order.  I tend to post when the mood strikes.  I know that I lose readers, but I have a secret…I really don’t post for readers (even though comments and emails always make me feel good), I post because I like to.

Hitting a wall

 ( Photo from here )
Ever feel like you’ve hit a wall and you really have only one option and that option is to just break through said wall?
I’m sure you have.  Most of us do.  The problem I have, is that I’ve realized that the wall happens to be a mirror and my own reflection is what’s stopping me.
There’s no easy way to say it.  It stinks, like the skunk I happened to have ran over the other day.  The smell just lingers.  I tend, when all is said (or written) and done, to be the one real wall.  I am the person who holds myself back from my own goals.  Like the many people that read this and don’t comment, I end to chose silence over real action.
Without getting to personal (I leave all the personal chizonius for Facebook), for all of the hours spent in hisbodedus and reading Mussar seforim, I, and all the pleasant insecurities that make me who I am, are the wall that keeps me from going forward.
Reb Nachman said it like this from Likkutei Moharan 2:119:

This world is like a little coin that is before one’s eyes and blocks out a great mountain.  One can easily move the coin aside and see the mountain

I just need to grab hold of the coin and put it into the pocket of my khaki pants.